erling as organ grinder monkey

There are effulgent passages of Godly sentimentality but also the turbulence of the states between [Him] and man, reminders of our fall from Grace. - FAME

haunting peace and unity ... Psalm 23 fits perfectly the voice of the soloist of the evening, Kimberly Brockman [who] proves herself in the role - St Galler Tagblatt

The Missa Beati Notkeri Balbuli Sancti Galli Monachi in a performance at the beautiful Abbey of St Gall in Switzerland on the Day of Repentance and Prayer (15 September). The Abbey was the commissioner of the piece, and it is thus named after one of their most famous, the musician and poet Notker Balbulus, aka Notker the Stammerer (840-912, beatified 1512). He is known as the first ethnically German composer of music and for publishing the first collection of Sequences, mnemonic poems for remembering the series of pitches sung during a melisma in plainchant, many composed by him. The stammering little monk "was so much loved by the monks of his abbey that for a long time after his death, they could not speak of him without shedding tears."