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  Culture 2001-07-21
Encoded dream world
  " The ke " - Festival " twenty + 2 " impressed with the European first performance of the American opera " the night will come ".


Directly in front is said: The opera " the night was received " to come, a production klagenfurter ensembles into co-operation with the theatre of the AufstanD wels, enthusiastically by the public.

Collecting main for the libretto toned by the American composer Erling Wold is a Collagen novel of the Surrealisten max Ernst. A young girl experiences situations, which express its feelings, hopes and fears in different encoded pictures at the night before their monastery entrance in a dream. The figure of the girl becomes divided into two parts in the opera, symbol for the conflict between internal sensitivity and outside reality. In the role girl is to be heard Mariko Wakito, their recent image plays the 11-year old Kaerntnerin Yasmine Reisner. Further persons are embodied a singer, several persons - the father, church authorities and visionaere shapes - (Josef Oberauer) and a speaker, that, invisibly for the public, texts of the libretto deklamiert (Gerhard Lehner). The Protagonisten impresses by the intensity of the representation and its musi potashty.

The opera was interpreted packing by the Collegium Musicum Carinthia, an ensemble of seven musicians under the direction of Alexei Kornienko. The music is continuous tonal, the instrumenting transparency and the Singstimmen moves in an electric field between Rezitativ and Arioso. The music one knows as minimum Music qualify, her avoids however in this style direction so dangerous the Monotonie and for the listener is directly possible the accommodation and understanding.
The stage consists of wall elements, which constantly change and are projected on the films and pictures, which reflect the surreale tendency of this opera, which complete or contrast action. Thomas Woschitz (direction), Heinz Globotschnig (stage) and Michaela Hague (costumes) succeeds a production, which the effect of the factory strengthened and for which public facilitates the acces. An ideal case!
Last date: Today, 19,30 o'clock in the Liegl garage, complaint ford. Cards: Tel. (04 63) 31 03 00

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